Table of Characteristics Functional Imaging Techniques

Electrical Based Techniques

Blood Dynamics Based Techniques

Metabolism Based Techniques

*Intra-op = Intra-operative, Pre-op = Pre-operative, Ca-i = Calcium-imaging, ECoG = Electrocorticography, ESM = Electrocortical Stimulation Mapping, EEG= Electroencephalography, MEG = Magnetoencephalography, TMS = Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, VSD-i = Voltage Sensitive Dye-imaging, fNIRS = functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy, fUS = functional Ultrasound, LDF = Laser Doppler Flowmetry, LSCI = Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging, OCT = Optical coherence Tomography, PAI = Photo-acoustic Imaging, fPAM = functional Photo-acoustic Microscopy, fPAT = functional Photo-acoustic tomography, fMRI = functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (i)-fMRI = intraoperative functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, fPET = functional Positron Emission Tomography, IFF-i = Intrinsic Functional Fluorescence Imaging, IT = Infrared Thermography, OISI = Optical Intrinsic Signal Imaging, SPECT = Single-photon Emission Computed Tomography, N/A = non-applicable.  


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